Reasons For Using

Since 2002 when CEF Ltd entered China’s Sourcing & manufacturing industry  they have developed strong relationships with selected garment factories, washing houses, fabric mills, printing & dying mills and trim suppliers, with this they now have become a major reliable sourcing & production supplier.
Over the past decade, CEF Ltd has concentrated on expanding its product sourcing expertise into a number of new categories. Hiring experienced product specialists, CEF has formed dedicated teams within garment, bags&accessories, home textiles  to be able to guide their clients every step of the way. Their strong product areas for clothing are: functional outwear, ladies fashion, lifestyle, and made from eco friendly fibres such as hemp/cotton, linen, silk/cotton, organic cotton, bamboo/cotton, wool,  recycled polyester, ocean waste recycled materials…etc.
Over the past few years CEF Ltd has also expanded its sourcing capabilities beyond China and South East Asia to successfully penetrate new economies and markets, and now become a trusted, serious and very professional international sourcing company.