Organic Cotton Dresses

Organic Cotton Dresses

This texture corduroy dress is our best-selling style over years. And now we use organic cotton to make soft touch and comfortable. The classic look is perfect with any T-shirt or sweater. It is knee length, has two big side pockets for a casual look.

Organic Cotton Dresses
Organic Cotton Dresses
Organic Cotton Dresses
Organic Cotton Dresses
Organic Cotton Dresses
Organic Cotton Dresses

How We Made Organic Cotton Dresses

We use quality fabric for this dress.

Organic cotton is produced without the use of harmful chemicals.  As a GOTS certified company, CEF has been using organic cotton to produce textiles since its establishment, and we are the pioneer of organic cotton textiles.

We use garment dye for this dress.

Garment dye is a dyeing method performed on finished garments.  We have been using garment dyeing process for more than 10 years, with mature supply chain and skilled technology. We can perfectly control the ideal loss and color difference in the production process.

We adhere to a rigorous work process for this dress.

The shape of women's dress is one of the decisive factors in the successful sale of dresses. As a senior expert in the field of dress, we are quite experienced in controlling the style of European women's dress. We always try on the pants of models and real people during sample confirmation to ensure that the version fits well. Besides, our serious and responsible QC team will strictly control the product quality during the whole production process.

Specification of Organic Cotton Dresses

  • 100% Organic Cotton

  • Super soft baby cord jumpsuit

  • Front darts

  • Ankle length

  • Easy to roll up

  • Slanted side pockets

  • Nature waistband

  • Machine wash at 30 degrees

What Our Customers Say

  • Our designers worked with the CEF team to develop a prototype that was suitable for consumers in our region. The process was smooth and we were confident in the professionalism of the CEF team.

  • The quality of this order is up to the standard. It was a pleasant purchase.

  • China Eco Fiber suggested us to replace the fabric with organic cotton, because it is not only environmentally friendly but also more in line with the commercial trend. We did so and the effect was good.

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