Benefits of Using


With the current market environment becoming more competitive than ever, a question that often arises within many corporate cultures and small businesses is: “how do we know our company is paying the best possible price and sourcing our materials and products from the best possible source?” 

As different areas develop expertise in varying industries, manufacturing, and product development, it can be a daunting task to keep up with the developments of specialized, product activities such as quality ladies coats wholesale in multiple countries.  

Benefits of Using

China Eco Fiber
  • Represent the buyer, not the Factory.

  • Offer customers quick access to trustworthy factories and suppliers with expertise in specific manufacturing processes and product types. 

  • Can offer engineering and prototype development services for new designs and product lines.

  • With an in house sourcing & development team we monthly send out the latest innovative materials to inspire your designers.

  • Provide price comparisons between multiple suppliers (in multiple countries if necessary).

  • Manage each step along the critical path with weekly updates to ensure required lead times.

  • Understand & manage customs, logistics and international shipping procedures.

  • Being your local team, we understand local cultures and country customs.

  • Manage quality control through the whole sampling and production procedure.