Discover our much-loved men's coats and jackets that have been thoughtfully crafted to become timeless classics you can return to time, after time and constantly faced with predictably unpredictable weather. Our collection of men's jackets and coats is perfect for the man who wants to stay stylish.

We have a line of men's jackets that have won awards at famous international fashion shows. The range of men's jackets, with their luxury and artistic fabrics, ingenious accessories and design-infused details, has attracted many brand clients to collaborate.

Woolen overcoats but also waterproof, denim jackets with designer hand-painted prints and organic cotton camo printed cottons inside. Yes, these refreshing ideas are designed by CEF's in house designer. Not only that, our professional clothing team has turned the designer's ideal into a beautiful reality.

Fabric of Coats & Jackets

Organic cotton is cotton that’s produced without the use of harmful chemicals and certified to organic agricultural standards. 

Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from bamboo grass.  

Wool is a type of fabric derived from the hairs of sheep, it is a versatile and natural fabric, offering warmth in the winter and coolness in summer. Wool has many natural characteristics, tough, flexible, fire resistance and is regarded by the medical profession as hypoallergenic.

Recycled polyester fabric is made from synthetic fibers. The materials are obtained by melting down existing plastic bottles. Then re-spinning them into the new polyester. It is environmentally friendly, light, and durable as virgin polyester. 

Men's Coats & Jackets FAQs

Q. Where do you source the fabric for men's jackets?

We source quality fabrics from all over the world, woolen fabric from The UK, organic cotton from India and recycled polyester from China are all fabrics commonly used in men's wear.

Q. What is the MOQ for men's coats and jackets?


Q. How long is the sampling time?

10 days with ready fabric.

Q. How long is the bulk fabric leading time?


Q. How long is the bulk production leading time?

90 days.

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