The Concept of Sustainable Clothings

1. Design method of sustainable clothings

By combing the development context and current situation of sustainable clothings design at home and abroad in recent years, the latest research results and application trend are discussed from the perspective of the development and application of innovative sustainable fabrics and the exploration of sustainable clothings design concepts and methods. After clarifying the category of sustainable clothings design, four common sustainable clothings design methods are summarized: Zero Waste fashion design, recycling fashion design, slow fashion design and emotional lasting design, so as to provide innovative reference and design ideas for fashion designers.

In view of the current situation and contradiction of sustainable clothings design, sustainable apparel companies combine international traditional clothing culture with contemporary sustainable clothings design methods and high-tech production technology, and summarize the thinking mode of sustainable clothings design suitable for national designers, which plays a role in promoting the ecological development of national sustainable clothings industry.

2. Development trend of sustainable clothings

The garment industry plays an important role in the global economy and supports hundreds of millions of jobs around the world. It is also a fast-growing industry, with overall clothing consumption increasing by more than 60% from 2017 to 2030. However, these successes have brought high-cost environmental and ecological impact, so more and more sustainable apparel companies propose to operate in a sustainable way. Although our choices on how to purchase and process raw materials as part of our supply chain are aimed at reducing the impact on the earth, we should also consider factors other than the environment.