What Are the Advantages of Bamboo Fiber Fabric?

Bamboo fiber fabric refers to a new type of fabric made of bamboo as raw material, made of bamboo fiber through a special process, and then woven. It has the characteristics of silky soft and warm, antibacterial, moisture absorption and ventilation, green environmental protection, anti-ultraviolet, natural health care, comfortable and beautiful, etc. Experts point out that bamboo fiber is a natural and environmentally friendly green fiber in the true sense.

1. Bamboo fiber fabric is soft, smooth, soft and warm

Bamboo fiber fabrics feel like "satin". Bamboo fiber textiles have fine unit fineness and smooth hand: good whiteness, bright colors; strong toughness and wear resistance, good resilience; strong longitudinal and transverse strength, and stable and uniform, good drape.

2. Bamboo fiber fabric is hygroscopic and breathable

The cross section of bamboo fiber is covered with large and small oval pores, which can absorb and evaporate a lot of water. Bamboo fiber is three times more absorbent than cotton. The hygroscopicity, moisture resistance and air permeability of bamboo fiber rank ahead of the major textile fibers.

3. Bamboo fiber fabric is warm in winter and cool in summer

Bamboo fiber products are used in summer and autumn, making people feel particularly cool and breathable; in winter and spring, they are fluffy and comfortable, and can remove excess heat and moisture from the body.

4. Bamboo fiber fabric is antibacterial

Observed under the microscope, bacteria can multiply in cotton and wood fibers, and the bacteria on bamboo fiber products are killed by more than 75% after 24 hours, which is not available in other textile materials.

5. Bamboo fiber fabric is UV resistant

The UV penetration rate of bamboo fiber is 6/10,000, and the UV penetration rate of cotton is 2,500/10,000. The UV resistance of bamboo fiber fabric is 41.7 times that of cotton.

6. Natural health care of bamboo fiber fabrics

Bamboo is a treasure all over the body. Bamboo has been closely related to people's lives a long time ago. There are 24 different medicinal effects and prescriptions of bamboo in "Compendium of Materia Medica". Bamboo has always contributed to our human health.

7. Bamboo fiber fabric is green and environmentally friendly

Today, when "saving energy and protecting the environment" is advocated, the role of bamboo in green environmental protection is becoming increasingly prominent. Bamboo grows 3 feet tall overnight, grows and renews quickly, and can be used sustainably. To a large extent, it can alleviate the shortage of wood and cotton resources. Bamboo fiber products are made of biodegradable materials, which can be completely degraded by microorganisms and sunlight in the soil, and this decomposition process will not cause any environmental pollution.