China Eco Fiber always keep a green mind. Organic cotton,linen, ecovero, recycled polyester, modal, bamboo and wool. We choose these natural, sustainable fabrics to craft our apparel and accessories.

Organic Fabrics

Sustainability has been part of our DNA since we started out in 2009 – which, naturally, includes our fabrics. Sustainable and ethical fashion starts with fabric, clothing with eco friendly fabrics is always our first choice, related products including organic bamboo dress and eco linen dress. Their traceable origins, low impact, premium quality and ability to last as well as become more beautiful with use, are what make our collections distinctive.

  • Organic Cotton
    Organic Cotton
    Organic cotton is cotton that's produced without the use of harmful chemicals and certified to organic agricultural standards. The textiles made with organic cotton is comfortable, absorbing and soft.
  • Recycled Cotton
    Recycled Cotton
    How is recycled cotton made?Recycled cotton is collected from industry or consumer waste. Items are first separated by type and colour, then shredded by a machine into smaller pieces and further into ...
  • Linen & Hemp & Ramie
    Linen & Hemp & Ramie
    Linen ramie, hemp, these three ancient fabrics have been used for centuries. These plants can grow in poor soils and do not need pesticides and require only a small amount of water. These fabrics are ECO friendly, soft, breathable and can be made into quality luxury clothing.
  • Tencel & Modal
    Tencel & Modal
    Tencel and Modal are both cellulose fibers, derived from sustainably grown wood and naturally degradable and environmentally friendly. They not only have the moisture absorption of natural fiber, but also have the strong extensibility of synthetic fiber. Fabrics made from tencel and modal are smooth, delicate, soft.
  • Ecovero & Viscose
    Ecovero & Viscose
    EcoVero is a viscose produced in Lenzing, made from wood which comes from sustainable forestry plantations. It has become the most eco-friendly and sustainable alternative for common viscose in the world, and has been used to make soft, silky fabrics, luxurious feeling fabrics.
  • Recycle Leather&Faux Leather
  • Recycled Polyester & Recycled Nylon
    Recycled Polyester & Recycled Nylon
    The recycled polyester and recycled nylon are made from recycled plastic bottles and ocean fishing nets. We use these materials to craft apparels, towels, bags and make a positive impact on the community and the environment.
  • Bamboo Fiber
    Bamboo Fiber
    Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the bamboo grass. Bamboo grows quickly and does not require chemicals. It is one of the most sustainable fabric, looks and feel like silk and soft cotton.
  • Wool&Recycled Wool
    Wool&Recycled Wool
    Wool fabric is made from the natural fibers that form the fleece of animals like sheep, goats. Wool is one of the most common textiles in the world. They have a soft, durable, comfortable feel and a luxurious look.

Sustainable Clothing

Sustainable clothing is made with sustainable fabrics, environmentally friendly processes and ethical manufacturers. As one of the leading ECO friendly clothing suppliers, CEF has been committed to producing sustainable clothing since its inception. Our sustainable clothing is sold to Europe and is widely recognized.
  • Urban Outdoor
    Urban Outdoor
    CEF has a strong supply chain to support our outerwear production. We produce wool coats, ski jackets, and raincoats in eco-friendly fabrics and ethical factories.
  • Women's Wear
    Women's Wear
    Dress Trousers, Skirts, Coats, Tops, Shirts, with more than 10 years of work experience focusing on women's wear, China Eco Fiber are able to provide customers with a full range of women's wear design and production services.
  • Accessories
    Different from other ordinary accessories, our socks, bags, towels and hats are made with sustainable material like bamboo, organic cotton, and recycled polyester fabric.