The Development of Sustainable Fashion Clothing Needs Our Joint Efforts

1. What are the development needs of sustainable fashion clothing

What is sustainable clothing? It is related to the natural environment, social costs and employee welfare, and the future economy. Sustainable fashion clothing needs market with the world view, enterprises with the natural view and a future view of development. It not only consumes natural resources, but also can create some natural resources and finally create a circular economy. It needs not only the design and manufacture of sustainable fashion fabrics, but also sustainable consumption, sustainable brand, sustainable organization and sustainable supply chain to jointly build an eco-friendly fashion future.

Major brands have persistently practiced the concept of sustainable development in their business activities, setting an example for the sustainable development of the global textile and garment industry. However, in the face of the huge burden, the sustainable power of the whole global industry is still too weak.

2. People's awareness of sustainable fashion clothing has begun to change

"The clothing and textile industry is a heavily polluting industry, second only to the oil industry," wrote Fashion Business Review, a British magazine. It consumes 20000 litres of water to produce a kilogram of natural cotton thread. These natural cotton threads are only enough to produce a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. At the same time, 8000 chemicals will be involved in various garment manufacturing processes, including dyeing, washing and decoration.

With the deepening understanding of sustainable development, every participant in the fashion industry chain is increasingly expressing their "environmental awareness", especially non-profit organizations and social organizations, whose impact and contribution to sustainable development can not be ignored.