Wearing Organic Cotton Socks in Summer

Ⅰ. Organic cotton socks are made of natural coloured cotton

Natural coloured cotton is also called natural cotton, naturally formed in colour without artificial dyeing. The original colour of cotton is not only white but also brown and green. The cotton yarn spun from this need no bleaching and dyeing or require any chemical treatment. Unlike the bright colours after chemical treatments such as formaldehyde and azo dyes, organic cotton ankle socks and natural coloured cotton are more realistic, soft, and elegant. Many people like brightly coloured socks, but they do not know that bright colours are inseparable from treating dyes, formaldehyde, fluorescent agents and other compounds.

The feet are the part where the sweat glands of our body are most dense. When sweating, the toxic and harmful compounds remaining in the socks can quickly enter the body through the pores.

Ⅱ. Organic cotton socks have high cotton content

Everyone knows that pure cotton socks are comfortable and healthy, but many "cotton socks" on the market are actually "polyester socks". The cotton content is not high, and some are only about 15%. Polyester-cotton and pure cotton are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. When purchasing, you must carefully look at the cotton content in the ingredient list. Socks that only label "pure cotton" in the ingredient list and do not label specific cotton content are usually unreliable. Polyester-cotton socks are relatively durable because of their high chemical fibre content, but they feel stuffy, burn feet, have poor moisture absorption and sweat permeability, and are prone to smelly feet. However, organic cotton socks have high natural fibre content, soft and comfortable, breathable and skin-friendly, and are not odour prone.

Ⅲ. Organic cotton socks are ecological and environmentally friendly

Cheap adhesive stickers often used in traditional product labels, during the degradation process, toxic substances in the glue will enter the soil. Washing labels containing chemical fibre ingredients will produce "microplastics" polluting water sources after multiple washing. The organic cotton socks are more eco-friendly, feel more comfortable on the feet, absorb sweat, breathe, and have no odor.

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