Recycled Nylon Makes the World a Better Place

How will recycled nylon suppliers design or manufacture sustainable products in 2021? What materials does the merchant use in design or production? These are the questions that every designer or brand should consider at the beginning of each new project.

1. Recycled nylon can be recycled

Recycled trench coat nylon can be recycled and regenerated indefinitely. Compared with the natural energy consumed by the original nylon, it is a good solution. Textile waste before consumption, industrial plastics as well as post consumer waste (including used carpets and fishing nets) eventually form this material. What does this mean to us? We can infinitely recycle, reuse and recreate materials to create and buy new products without developing new resources. It already exists and can be used in the next project.

2. Environmental benefits of recycled nylon

Eco fiber is a leading manufacturer of synthetic fiber in the textile industry. We can now feel free to use it. It has been used by many brands and has been thoroughly tested. It can be said to be a lasting success. Since it is produced through chemical recovery, the collected waste can be purified and then returned to the chemical structural components of recycled nylon. The biggest advantage of using recycled nylon instead of original nylon is that it can reduce global warming by 90%, thus having a positive impact on the environment, comparable to our eco linen clothing. For every 10000 tons of raw materials produced, 70000 barrels of crude oil can be saved and 65100 tons of carbon dioxide emission equivalent can be avoided.

3. Extraction process of recycled nylon

First collect the waste, then classify and clean it, and recycle all nylon as much as possible. Through the regeneration and purification process, nylon waste is recovered to its original purity, so that the original nylon is exactly the same. Later, it has become carpet yarn and textile yarn for indoor and fashion industries. The final step is that designers of recycled nylon and womens clothing suppliers to create new products with nylon, which may be reused again and again without reducing its quality. In short, production will increasingly be linked to the design of recycled nylon products and their recyclability.

According to sustainable textiles data, our desire to create and consume new products seems unlimited. Today's recycled nylon fabric may be the most popular clothing series in the next season, thus eliminating waste and the use of new resources. The designer of the recycled nylon supplier is responsible for controlling the first stage of product development, which can determine the impact of the product on the environment.