Development of Natural Eco-friendly Textiles

At present, people not only pursue the ecological safety of food, but also pay more and more attention to the development of ecological security. In recent decades, with the rapid development of modern industry and science and technology, various waste gases and wastewater have caused environmental pollution, which has led to the deterioration of the living environment, seriously affecting people's health. In view of this pollution problem, a kind of natural and healthy eco friendly textiles slowly appeared, which effectively solved this problem.

1. Problems needing attention in textile industry

Various chemical additives, dyes, heavy metals and formaldehyde used in textiles cause direct harm to human body. Scientific experiments have proved that dyes, heavy metals and harmful chemical additives in textiles cause invisible chronic harm to human body.

In the production process, some suppliers of well-known clothing brands do not make special treatment for wastewater discharge. They only discharge it to the sewage treatment plant as daily domestic wastewater. We need to remind everyone to pay attention to clothing safety and environmental pollution in the process of clothing production.

2. Development trend of natural eco friendly textiles

(1) In the process of planting, natural eco friendly fabric does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and transgenic is prohibited, and no harmful chemical additives are added in the process of textile processing. This planting and processing method is not only environmentally friendly, but also avoids the direct harm of textiles to human skin.

(2) Our support and promotion of natural cotton is certainly conducive to the development of natural cotton production, consumer health and environmental protection. It is conducive to promoting the development of ecological undertakings, ecological lifestyle, production mode and ecological civilization.

(3) The pursuit of "nature, health and environmental protection" has become a trend of textile development, as well as scientific progress and socio-economic development. The research, planting and application of natural eco friendly textiles will bring new economic growth points to the traditional textile market. In recent years, there are more and more textile enterprises pursuing eco friendly fabric at home and abroad, including more and more large enterprises.