What Are the Benefits of Recycled Polyester Fabric?

Ⅰ. The use of recycled polyester fabrics is conducive to the recycling of pet plastics

The consumption of PET plastic beverage bottles in the country is very high, and the recycling of waste PET beverage bottles, so its recycling technology has broad prospects, which can reduce environmental pollution and can turn waste into treasure: one ton of recycled PET yarn = 67,000 plastics Bottles = 4.2 tons of carbon dioxide reduction = 0.0364 tons of oil = 6.2 tons of water, but currently only a tiny part is used, and the rest is discarded at will, resulting in waste of resources and environmental pollution. Therefore, its recycling technology has broad prospects.

Ⅱ. What are the benefits of recycled polyester fabrics? 

1. Recycled RPET polyester is made of recycled environmentally friendly fibre materials recovered from Coke bottles. The recycled Coke bottles are crushed into fragments and then processed by spinning. They can be recycled and effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Compared with the conventional production of polyester, Fiber saves nearly 80% of energy. They are commonly known as Coke bottle environmental protection cloth.

2. Recycled RPET polyester products are trendy in foreign countries, especially developed countries in Europe and America, because they are waste recycling. Satchels, luggage linings, school bags, socks, fashion bags, suspenders, antibacterial maternity wear, T-shirts, and children's wear, Men's and women's casual wear, windbreaker, down (cold-proof) clothing, work uniforms, antibacterial personal baby clothing, gloves, scarves, towels, bath towels, storage box lining, beach pants, swimwear, pyjamas, sportswear, drawstring pockets, gift bags, jackets, handbags, shopping bags, hats, shoe materials, bags, umbrellas, curtains, etc.

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