How Much Do You Know About Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is a kind of pure natural and pollution-free cotton. In agricultural production, organic fertilizers, biological control, pests and diseases, and natural farming management are the mainstays. The use of chemical products is not allowed, and it is also required to be non-polluting in the production and textile process; it has ecological, green and environmentally friendly characteristics; the fabrics made of organic cotton materials have bright luster, soft hand feel, excellent resilience, drapability and wear resistance; unique antibacterial and deodorant properties; relieve allergy symptoms, reduce skin false symptoms and rashes caused by normal fabrics, and are more conducive to caring for children's skin care; summer use makes people feel particularly cool. In winter, it is fluffy and comfortable and can remove excess heat and moisture from the body.

Organic cotton is one of the important components of sustainable agriculture. It is of great significance to ecological environmental protection, human healthy development and green natural ecological clothing. Organic cotton is cultivated naturally. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals are used in the process of planting. The 100% natural ecological growth environment, from seed to harvest, is all natural and pollution-free production. Even the color is natural, and there is no pollution. Chemicals remain in the organic cotton, so it does not induce allergies, asthma or atopic dermatitis.

1. The material of pure organic cotton and pure cotton is different

The cotton material of pure organic cotton is certified by an international certification agency. This material is the best for smooth and soft baby skin, and pure cotton has not yet reached such a high level.

Pure cotton fabrics are made of cotton, which is made of cotton, made of cotton, and interwoven vertically and horizontally with a textile machine. It is mainly processed from raw cotton fabrics and recycled cotton fabrics.

2. The characteristics of pure organic cotton and pure cotton

Pure organic cotton clothing has good breathability, absorbs sweat quickly, is not sticky, and does not generate static electricity. It has the characteristics of natural and pollution-free, and can keep a constant temperature at any time to prevent eczema in children. It does not contain any toxic and harmful substances to the baby's body. Even babies with sensitive skin can use it with confidence, and it is very suitable for babies' delicate skin.

Pure cotton clothing has good hygroscopicity, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance, hygiene, no irritation, no side effects in contact with the skin, long-term wear is beneficial and harmless to the human body, and wearing pure cotton clothing makes people feel to warm.

3. The advantages of pure organic cotton

The organic cotton is warm and soft to the touch, giving people a feeling of being completely close to nature. This zero-distance contact with nature can release stress and nourish spiritual energy. Pure organic cotton has good air permeability, absorbs sweat and dries quickly, is not sticky or greasy, and does not generate static electricity.

Organic cotton has no chemical residues in the production and process, so it will not induce allergies, asthma or atopic dermatitis. Organic cotton baby clothes are very helpful for babies and toddlers. Because organic cotton is completely different from general conventional cotton, the planting and production process is all natural and environmentally friendly, and does not contain any toxic and harmful substances to the baby's body.