What is Real Organic Cotton Clothing?

Our new customers still have a lot of questions about the fabrics of organic cotton clothing. This article is the answer to our most frequently asked question. Come and find out with us.

1. What does pure organic cotton clothing mean?

From the vegetables in the refrigerator to the clothes in the closet, the organically grown crops are grown with GMO-free seeds, following the practices of keeping the soil healthy, saving water and supporting biodiversity. Therefore, organic clothing is clothing made from organic cotton fibers.

2. Is pure organic cotton clothing sustainable?

When it comes to organic cotton and cotton, the difference is in yield. Conventional cotton uses 15% of the world's pesticides. The certified organic cotton cultivation prohibits the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides and GMOS. In other words, using pure organic cotton to make clothes like organic cotton jacket is better for farmers, consumers and all living things.

3. What is a certified organic cotton fabric?

Let us list some basic organic cotton facts: non-GMO, pesticide-free, low-water crops. Organic cotton provided by CEF, a reliable supplier providing bulk organic dress, corduroy jacket wholesale, etc., starts with non-GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds that are grown without toxic chemicals, pesticides, or pollutants that are harmful to farmers and the ecosystem.

Organic cotton is grown mainly with rainwater instead of irrigation water. If these standards are met, the cotton is certified organic. Our cotton is certified 100% pure organic cotton.

4. How does pure organic cotton save water?

Organic cotton uses much less water and usually uses a more sustainable type of water called "green water." Green water uses rain water, not irrigation water (in contrast, "blue water" is drawn from lakes, streams, glaciers and snow). Overall, our organic cotton for ladies fashion jumpsuits uses 88% less water than conventional cotton.

5. Is pure organic cotton softer than ordinary cotton?

In fact, there is really no big difference in the feel. The only way to know if it is made of pure organic cotton is to read the fabric detail label inside the garment. But when the same solid color clothes have stains, pure organic cotton is easier to remove stains than clothes made of ordinary cotton.