Wool is one of the oldest textile fibers used by humans. It provides superior comfort in hot and cold weather.  CEF use wool to craft woolen jacket, functional outwear and socks.


Wool is a type of fabric derived from the hairs of sheeps. It is a versatile and natural fabric, woollen jacket for ladies offering warmth in the winter and coolness in summer. Wool has many natural characteristics, tough, flexible, fire resistance and is regarded by the medical profession as hypoallergenic.



Wool is one of the best yarns nature has had many excellent qualities that distinguish it from other fabrics, ideal for women's elegant wool coats.

Why Use Recycled Wool?

One of the biggest environmental impacts of wool comes from the methane released by the sheep growing it. By taking wool that already exists and re-using it, we help reduce CO2 emissions. This is part of our ongoing efforts to create more sustainable wool products and practices in all aspects of what we do. Recycled wool not only extends the lifespan of existing material but is produced at a fraction of the environmental cost.

How We Do It

Reclaimed wool fibers and high-quality Merino scraps are collected, deconstructed, and turned into new recycled fabric for our fleeces and reclaimed insulation. These recycled-fiber garments perform just as well (even better in some cases) and still provide the comfort you’ve come to expect from our products.

Global Recycling Standard

The GRS certification (short for Global Recycling Standard) ensures that any recycled wool advertised as post-consumer is really consumer waste and not production waste. That's important, because we want to produce less, consume less, and eventually take back what can’t be worn anymore. While it’s important to make use of recycled waste as well, the main approach should be that we shall not produce what people don’t need or want.

You can rest assured that our recycled wool fabrics have passed the GRS certification.




Wool fabric is soft, breathable, stylish, and also biodegradable.


Its hardwearing nature means that with gentle care, clothes made with wool will last for seasons to come.


Humans are yet to produce a man-made fibre that matches these distinctive properties.

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