The Difference between Organic Cotton and Pure Cotton

What is organic cotton and what is pure cotton? Many babies' mothers don't know the difference between the two. In fact, organic cotton is different from pure cotton in material, characteristics and functions. The following is a brief summary of the differences between organic cotton and pure cotton.

1. The difference between organic cotton and pure cotton

(1) Material

Organic cotton is one of the important components of sustainable agriculture, which is of great significance to ecological environmental protection, human health development and green natural ecological clothing like organic cotton jacket. It has 100% natural ecological growth environment, and it is all natural pollution-free production. The organic cotton material is certified by the international organic cotton certification body. This material is the best for smooth and soft baby skin, while pure cotton has not reached such a high level.

Pure cotton fabric is a textile made of cotton as raw material. It is a kind of textile produced by weaving cotton into silk and weaving it vertically and horizontally with a textile machine. It is mainly processed by raw cotton fabric and recycled cotton fabric.

(2) Characteristics

Organic cotton material clothing by CEF, a reliable wholesale ladies wear supplier, has the characteristics of good ventilation, fast sweat absorption. It is not sticky and will not generate static electricity. It is natural and pollution-free, and can maintain a constant temperature at any time and can prevent children's eczema. It does not contain any toxic and harmful substances to health of babies. Even for babies with sensitive skin,

it can be used safely, which is very suitable for the baby's soft skin.

Pure cotton clothing has good moisture absorption, moisture retention, heat resistance, alkali resistance and hygiene. It has no stimulation and side effects in contact with the skin. It is beneficial and harmless to the human body for a long time. Moreover, wearing pure cotton clothing makes people feel warm.

2. Organic cotton is beneficial to human health, which is more suitable for infants

As an environment-friendly and healthy fabric, organic cotton has been widely used in quilts, sleeping bags and clothes for infants and children. Organic colored cotton is the best choice for close fitting clothes and bedding for infants and young children. Infants have delicate skin and long sleep time, so organic cotton materials for close fitting clothes and bedding are very important. If it is impermeable to air, the baby is easy to catch a cold. If it contains chemically processed ingredients that is not natural, it is easy to cause infant skin allergy. And contact with the respiratory tract of infants is easy to cause repiratory tract infection. In terms of bulk clothing, let's say the organic cotton dresses wholesale, many characteristics of natural cotton can ensure high-quality sleep and healthy development of infants and children.

In the future, the market trend of organic cotton products will fully combine the characteristics of organic cotton with human health for research and development, so as to meet the pursuit of modern high-quality life and high-quality sleep of infants and young children as much as possible.