Urban Outdoor

Urban Outdoor

Stay stylish and stand up to cold weather with our outwear and functional wear. No matter if it ‘s snowy and cold or windy and raining, our coats and parkas have the warmth and protection you need. Using innovative and heritage fabrics plus the best natural materials and trims to ensure that they perform in the coldest of environments.  Find raincoats, parkas, ski jackets and more whatever your style, layer up your looks with neat, oversized, long or short options.

Urban Outdoor

Fabric Story

Our premium quality outwears made with natural fibers go beyond warm and comforting.  Make an impact with the outwear you wear, sustainable fashion is kind to people and soft on the planet.  

Recycled polyester fabric and recycled nylon fabric are all made from synthetic fibers. The materials are obtained by melting down existing plastic bottles, fishing nets and carpet. Then re-spinning them into the new polyester and nylon.  They are environmentally friendly, light, and as durable as virgin polyester and nylon. 

Organic cotton is cotton that’s produced without the use of harmful chemicals and certified as organic agricultural standards. 

Wool is one of the oldest textile fibers used by humans. It provides superior comfort in hot and cold weather.





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