What is Eco-friendly Clothing?

Choosing environmentally friendly clothing has become a rational demand of consumers. Natural fiber, whether it is cotton, hemp, or silk, is favored by consumers for its non-toxic, harmless characteristics without side effects, and has become a consumption hotspot in the 21st century. So what is eco-friendly clothing?

Ⅰ. The basic concept of eco friendly apparel

The so-called eco friendly clothing, also known as "ecological clothing" or "green clothing", refers to clothing that does not pollute or harm the environment or the human body during the entire process from production to consumption to post-processing.

Environmentallly friendly clothing like the series of linen jacket womens casual, is aimed at protecting human health and maintaining the natural environment and strives to make clothing feel comfortable, relaxed, returning to nature, eliminating fatigue, and feeling comfortable.

Eco riendly wear emphasizes the efficient use of natural resources and energy and pays attention to the low-carbon symbiosis between man and nature and recycling of materials, implementing the ecological and environmental protection thinking.

Ⅱ. What are the functions of eco friendly clothing?

The role of environmentally friendly clothing can be shown in many aspects, such as the production process of its fabrics, which can avoid the emission of sulfur-containing toxic gas and waste liquid to the environment; the solvents used in spinning production can be 100% recycled; environmentally friendly clothing reasonably and scientifically select chemical agents and pigments that are not harmful to human health, and control harmful substances to achieve a virtuous cycle of nature, humans, and technology. As a famous brand of womens coats China, CEF aims to make clothes that are good for the human future and the environment.

Eco Friendly Fabric

Ⅲ. Requirements for earth friendly clothing

As we all know, a piece of clothing uses chemical chlorine, formaldehyde, and other substances that are seriously harmful to the human body and the environment in many links from the selection and processing of fabrics to bleaching and dyeing and ready-to-wear. This requires that environmentally friendly clothing must meet the following requirements:

1. There is no pollution harmful to humans, animals, and plants in the entire production and processing chain from raw materials to finished products;

2. Eco-friendly clothing must not contain substances that are harmful to the human body, or do not exceed a certain limit; the disposal of clothing after use must not cause pollution to the environment, etc.

3. Environmentally friendly clothing, like sustainable ladies clothing, should also be tested, certified, and stamped with corresponding marks.

4. Environmentally-friendly clothing generally has many functions such as deodorization, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, anti-itch, and humidification.

The above is the introduction of eco-friendly clothing. If you want to know more about eco-friendly clothing, please continue to follow us!