As one of the most important clothes for women, skirts are always at the forefront of fashion. Brands need to keep innovating to meet consumers' changing demands for skirts. Our talented designers and professional development team always pay attention to the trend of fashion, and active in the world's famous clothing and fabric exhibitions. Every season we bring new creative designs and new fabrics to customers to help them better control the market and expand sales.

Simple but sophisticated, our collection of skirts are perfect for work or play. Explore a range of women's long skirts as well as short and midi styles. Made in a selection of soft natural fabrics including linen, organic cotton, and bamboo fiber. We've also use beautiful print to brighten up the buyer's collection.

Fabric of Dresses&Skirts

Linen has a lower environmental impact than other fibers. Request less water, and don't need pesticides. The fabric made with linen is breathable and highly absorbent, and also have great strength and durability. 

Organic cotton is cotton that’s produced without the use of harmful chemicals and certified to organic agricultural standards. 

Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from bamboo grass. 

Tencel and modal are all brands name for Lenzing, they are produced by environmentally responsible processes from the sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. And they are also biodegradable.  They are light,soft, versatile and also breathable, absorbs moisture. 

Ecovero is a viscose produced in Lenzing, made from wood that comes from sustainable forestry plantations. It has been used to make soft, silky fabrics, luxurious feeling fabrics.

Women's Dresses&Skirts FAQs

Q. What is the MOQ for skirts?


Q. How long is the sampling time?

10 days with ready fabric.

Q. How do you control the size of the skirt during production?

We have a professional QA team and skilled technicians to control the skirt at each confirmation stage.

Q. How long is the bulk fabric leading time?

30-45days .

Q. How long is the bulk production leading time?

90 days.

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