Characteristics of New Natural Organic Hemp Fiber Clothes

Recently, a new type of organic hemp clothes came out, which is closer to the skin and more comfortable. As is known to all, hemp fiber is the second skin of mankind, known as the "fiber Queen". Its natural, environmental protection and antibacterial functions are widely favored by consumers and the market, and it has become the darling of the international market. With the progress of textile technology, hemp products are becoming more and more abundant.

I. Organic hemp clothes enter the infant products market

Ecological fiber organic hemp fiber provided by CEF, a professional women's dress manufacturer, is based on low-carbon environmental protection ideas and patented technology. The hemp fiber is carefully processed to make it comparable to cotton in terms of fineness, strength, main length and softness. The blending of hemp fiber and a variety of sustainable cloth textile materials is realized. And it can enter the underwear clothing and infant products market, which truly reflects the internal beauty and internal efficacy of hemp fiber.

II. The characteristics of natural organic hemp clothes products are as follows:

1. Health of hemp fiber

Quite similar to the production of our organic cotton coat, the chlorine free bleaching and dyeing of natural organic hemp clothes eliminates the toxic chlorine bleaching and dyeing process, which not only saves the production cost, but also breaks through the production of AOX, a toxic substance to the skin;

2. Purity of hemp fiber

The natural organic hemp sustainable cloth planted without chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticide is adopted, and the production mode dominated by physical processing is used in the processing process, which can better highlight the cool, bacteriostatic, UV resistance and other characteristics of hemp products;

3. Natural bleaching and dyeing, and green environmental protection

Somewhat different from our corduroy jacket for sale, the organic hemp clothes is dyed with 100% natural Chinese herbal medicine plant dyes, which makes it more green and environment-friendly. At the same time, it can also greatly improve the antibacterial and bacteriostatic effect of the fiber;

4. Excellent wrinkle resistance and softness

The patented technology is used for dyeing and finishing, which can effectively overcome the shortcomings of hemp fabric, such as roughness, hardness and easy to wrinkle. The organic hemp clothes woven in the later stage have soft feel, strong wrinkle resistance and excellent non ironing effect;

5. The fabric has strong comprehensive characteristics

The fabrics and finished products woven from Tianjin Mayun series products greatly retain the original moisture absorption, rapid drying, bacteriostasis, UV resistance and other characteristics of hemp fibers. Compared with most water repellent fabrics in the market, it has strong comprehensive characteristics, which is more comfortable and fashionable, and will be the trend of the future market.