The Difference Between Polyester Fiber and Recycled Fiber

Polyester fiber and recycled fiber are relatively common fabrics, and from the name, it is easy for laymen to confuse them. Let's compare these two fabrics from different aspects.

Recycled polyester fiber has good abrasion resistance and acid resistance, good elasticity, not easy to wrinkle, and has a long service life. Regenerated fiber has better air permeability and comfort, but poor abrasion resistance, not very long service life, and relatively poor elasticity.

1. The difference between recycled polyester fiber and recycled fiber

(1) Different ingredients

As mentioned above, the components of polyester fibers are mainly organic diols and dibasic acids, and the components of regenerated fibers are mainly natural cellulose and protein, which are completely different.

(2) Different period of use 

Because the abrasion resistance of recycled polyester fiber is very good, its service life is long; while the abrasion resistance of recycled polyester fiber is not very good, so its service life is not very long.

(3) Different air permeability

The molecular structure of polyester fiber is tight and the air permeability is poor; the molecular structure of regenerated fiber is not very tight, and the air permeability and hygroscopicity are good.

(4) Different flexibility

Because polyester fiber has poor air permeability, its softness is average; while regenerated fiber has good air permeability, so its softness is very good.

2. Is recycled polyester fiber the same as regenerated fiber?

Regenerated fiber is a man-made fiber, which contains natural cellulose and protein, and can be divided into regenerated protein fiber and regenerated cellulose fiber. Modal fiber and bamboo charcoal fiber are both regenerated fibers. Polyester fiber is a kind of synthetic fiber, which is a kind of spinning made of organic diol and dibasic acid concentrated and polymerized. The two are two different things, so recycled fiber is not polyester.

Recycled polyester fiber material is a kind of fiber material. Generally speaking, the softness of fiber products is normal, so the softness of polyester fiber cloth is the same. However, polyester fiber fabrics have a good feel to the touch and are relatively smooth.