Production and Planting Range of Gots Organic Cotton

1. Production of gots organic cotton

Gots organic cotton refers to the cotton produced by methods of using organic fertilizer, biological pest control and natural farming management without using chemicals in agricultural production. The content of pesticides, heavy metals, nitrates, pests (including microorganisms, parasite eggs, etc.) and other toxic and harmful substances in cotton is controlled within the limit specified in relevant standards. It is a certified commercial cotton.

In terms of production, gots organic cotton not only has high requirements for necessary conditions such as light, heat, water and soil, but also has specific requirements for the cleanliness of cultivated land soil environment, irrigation water quality and air environment.

2. Planting range of gots organic cotton

Because of its natural, green, environmental protection and health characteristics, gots organic cotton products are more and more favored and loved by consumers, which have broad development prospects. At present, gots organic cotton is grown in more than 20 countries all over the world, and the output of gots organic cotton accounts for only about 0.03% of the total global cotton output. Among them, Turkey, USA, India and China are large producers of gots organic cotton. Xinjiang is the main producing area of gots organic cotton in China. Xinjiang is rich in land resources, sufficient reserve land resources to be reclaimed, and has good environmental protection conditions of atmosphere, water and soil, which is suitable for the cultivation of gots organic cotton. Most gots organic cotton in USA is produced in California and Texas.

Because of the pest control of gots organic cotton, the cost of using exogenous hormones to simulate female cotton bollworm to attract male cotton bollworm is too high. Weeding and picking cotton require farm workers, and the labor cost is very high. At present, it is difficult to be widely used, which is an obstacle to the large-scale conversion of gots organic cotton. In USA, Australia and other developed countries, labor cost is a major factor limiting the scale of expansion. In developing countries, labor costs are relatively cheap, and planting gots organic cotton may be more realistic.