Recycled Nylon is Amazing - Turn Waste into Treasure

In daily life, there are too many waste materials in production or old materials after use. But no one knows they are treasures in the eyes of others. When the waste material in production or the old material after use is reconstructed, it is recycled nylon.

Recycled nylon, also known as nylon recycling, is generally produced by melting and granulating nylon yarn, nylon silk or nylon cloth. The impurities of nylon return material produced by nylon yarn, nylon silk or nylon cloth are low. The impurities of nylon return material granulated by block material and product crushing material are relatively high, but there are exceptions. If the nylon filament or nylon yarn is clean in bundles, the produced nylon return material can be close to the color and material properties of the new nylon material. The quality of nylon return material produced from bundles of discarded recycled nylon fabrics is better than that produced from nylon corners.

1. Classification of recycled nylon

(1) Special materials for electric tools

Different from our organic denim jacket, this series of products is based on imported nylon 6, and all kinds of excellent reinforcing agents, toughening agents, antiaging agents and coloring agents are added. It has bright color, good low-temperature impact, dimensional stability, high rigidity and low warpage.

(2) Various colors of reinforced nylon

This series of products are produced according to the performance and specifications required by customers. It mainly includes: hydrolysis resistant series, oil and wear resistant series, high temperature resistant anti-aging series, anti static electricity conductive series, high flowing thin wall series and high rigidity series.

2. Properties of recycled nylon:

(1) High softening degree and heat resistance.

(2) Recycled nylon fabric for our black nylon trench coat has good electrical properties. It has good electrical insulation, high volume resistance of nylon and high breakdown voltage. It can be used as power frequency insulation material in dry environment. It still has good electrical insulation even in high humidity environment.

(3) With outstanding fatigue resistance, the parts can still maintain the original mechanical strength after many and repeated twists and turns.

(4) It has good corrosion resistance, alkali resistance, engine oil, weak acid, gasoline, etc., but it is not resistant to strong acid and oxidant.

(5) Recycled nylon fabric parts by CEF, a reliable women dress supplier, are light in weight, easy to dye and easy to form.

(6) It has smooth surface, low friction coefficient and wear resistance.

(7) Recycled nylon is self extinguishing, odorless, non-toxic, good weather resistance, inert to biological erosion, and has good antibacterial and mildew resistance.