Other Uses of Camping Raincoats

I. Collect drinking water with camping raincoats

1. Drinking water is the most common problem in the wild. You drink all the drinking water you carry, but you can't drink the water you find, such as salt water, dirty water, and there is no filter.

(1) You can put your camping raincoat on top of the boiling pot, then put a stone on the raincoat to create a "low point", and then put your cup or water container under the "low point".

(2) When the water boils, the steam condenses on the raincoat and collects to the "low point" and finally drops into the cup. In this way, a cup of distilled water that can be drunk directly is got.

2. Different from the distilled water mentioned above, the premise of making distilled water is to "have a pot and a fire". But what if you don't have these equipment and can't find a stream? At this time, we should learn to collect water with sports raincoats.

(1) In the wild, the temperature drops gradually from midnight to dawn. Due to the temperature difference, the trees will evaporate water, which is often called dew. Put a camping raincoat on the branches and tie it tightly. After a period of time, take it down and drink the water directly.

(2) By using this method, about 15 kg of drinking water can be obtained every day. Although this method is slow in efficiency, it is easy to operate.

II. Self made shelter with camping raincoat

In outdoor activities, you should pay attention to temperature loss, dehydration and heatstroke, of which heatstroke is the most difficult to detect. When you need sun and rain protection, it is very practical and convenient to make a self-made shelter space.

(1) First, use trees and other objects to straighten and fix the rope. When the rope is a certain height from the ground, then spread your sports raincoat on the rope, so as to form a triangular shielding space.

(2) If you have several camping raincoats at the same time, you can also add fixed edges, which are also tied with thin ropes and pulled obliquely on the ground to form a simple small tent. This shading method is very useful in places such as high-temperature desert and Gobi.

III. When you fall into the water without a life jacket, the lightweight waterproof rain jacket can act as a simple air bag.

Tie the two wrists of the clothes tightly, and then swing the clothes from back to front to inflate them.

In order not to leak air, grasp the lower part of the clothes with your hands or clamp it with your legs, and then connect it to the belt to make it float upward. A simple and fragile floating equipment can save physical strength when swimming and save lives in case of crisis.

IV. Camping raincoats can be used as waterproof "socks"

We all know that we should keep our feet dry when walking in the wild.

(1) You can cut the camping raincoat into a suitable shape, just enough to wrap your feet, and then put your feet in the raincoat and step on the inside of your shoes. Note: wrap your feet in the raincoat first and then put on your shoes.

(2) The use scenario of this trick is that the water condition is unknown when fording but you can only ford the river in shoes. Bare feet may be cut by sharp stones in the river, and the shoes will not dry for a long time after they are wet. At this time, you can use this trick to keep your feet dry, and your shoes can be dried when making a fire in the camp .