Ways of Sustainable Clothings

1. The way of sustainable clothings in the production process

When it comes to sustainable clothings, you will find that the sustainability of clothing is quite diverse. First of all, we will pay attention to the environmental pollution caused by the garment making process. If you want to reduce the production of clothes, reducing waste at the source will be a more effective control method. Instead of buying new clothes, you might as well consider buying second-hand clothes, exchanging clothes or even renting clothes. It is a way of owning new clothes that is worthy of promotion. Ideally, the whole garment industry, from sustainable clothing manufacturers to consumers, can follow the following directions: first, each garment is customized or produced due to needs. At the same time, it is a high-quality, classic and timeless design. The production process is environmentally friendly and will also take into account various ethical issues.

2. Consumer's way of sustainable clothings

Clothes should be carefully repeated, and they will be modified or redesigned in case of damage. When clothes are no longer needed, you can consider donating them to charities or relatives and friends, or you can send them to second-hand stores to prolong the life of clothes as far as possible. When the clothes finally can't be worn anymore, they should be sent to the recycling center for garment raw materials, which can be put back into the production line and made into new sustainable clothings.

It is very difficult and impractical that piece of clothing is produced after the customer places an order. I believe everyone can find a more feasible and suitable sustainable way of clothings, which is the second best choice. Not every way is suitable for everyone. If you further select environmentally friendly, ethical, high-quality and durable clothes in the production process, it is possible to wear a coat for ten years. It is common to pass it on to your daughter if it is properly maintained. Slowly, you will have an timeless wardrobe.