What Are the ECO Friendly Apparel?

The ECO friendly apparel, which aims to protect human health from harm, and has the advantages of non-toxicity and safety. When using and wearing, it gives people a feeling of comfort, relaxation, returning to nature, eliminating fatigue and pleasure.

Ⅰ. Three major contents of the ECO friendly apparel

Professionally speaking, ECO friendly green apparel must include three aspects:

(1) Production ecology, that is, environmental protection in production.

(2) User ecology, that is, environmental protection of users, requires no poison to users.

(3) Disposal ecology refers to the disposal of fabrics or garments after use.

Ⅱ. The ECO friendly apparel uses natural plants as raw materials

The ECO friendly apparel mainly refers to green textiles and ecological clothing. Ecological clothing uses natural animal and plant materials as raw materials, such as cotton, linen, silk and fur, and leather. They not only reflect environmental awareness in terms of style and color design, but also use non-polluting materials from fabrics to buttons, zippers and other accessories of natural raw materials.

From the production of raw materials to processing, it is also completely from the perspective of protecting the ecological environment, avoiding the use of chemical printing and dyeing raw materials and resins and other substances that damage the environment. The combination of environmental protection style and the inner needs of modern people to return to nature makes ecological clothing gradually become a new trend in the fashion field.