Sustainable Men's Hemp Shirts

Hemp Shirts

This lightweight shirt is made from 100% hemp for comfort and durability, it's a must have item in casual clothes for men. We've given it a stylish collar for a modern look. The regular fit (with a slightly tailored waist) is comfortable enough to take you through to Sunday brunch.

Sustainable Men's Hemp Shirts
Eco-friendly Men's Hemp Shirts
China Eco Fiber Men's Hemp Shirts
Sustainable Hemp Shirts

How We Made Hemp Shirts

We use Eco friendly fabric for this shirt

Hemp is a natural fiber has lower environmental impact than other fibers. Request less water, and don't need pesticides. It is recyclable and biodegradable.  Luxuriously drapey, breathable and soft, they have enduring appeal - and sustainable credentials too.

We use piece dye for this shirt

Sustainable fabric requires a sustainable fabric manufacturing and process. Our merchandiser team only selects dyeing factories that meet ecological and environmental standards to produce our fabrics. In addition, we will send the bulk fabric to a third-party inspection agency for inspection to ensure compliance with the requirements.

We adhere to a rigorous work process for this shirt

The shape of men's shirt is one of the important factors of the successful sale of shirts.  We are quite experienced in controlling the style of European men's shirts. We always try on the shirt of models and real people during sample confirmation to ensure that the version fits well. Besides, our serious and responsible QC team will strictly control the product quality during the whole production process.

Specification of Hemp Shirts

  • 100%Hemp

  • Chest pocket

  • Single cuff with two buttons fastening

  • Lapped side seams

  • Soft cutaway collar

  • Relax fit

  • Machine washable

What Our Customers Say

  • We used to make men's shirts only with linen, but this season we tried hemp fabric, which feels as breathable as linen, and the material is fresh for our customers. Looks like we should make a plan for developing a series of mens hemp clothing.

  • We have chosen many colors of hemp fabric as samples, and we hope the sales samples will bring good orders.

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