Natural Linen Jacket Ladies

Linen Jacket

It is a beautiful and useful jacket perfect for summer and fall. Our linen Jacket has a flattering yet relaxed shape and is made from soft, breathable linen. It has two neat patch pockets. Its low-key navy color makes it easy to pair with any bottom outfit.

Natural Linen Jacket Ladies
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How We Made Womens Lightweight Linen Jacket

We use quality fabric for this jacket.

Linen is a natural fabric that is widely used. It is the strengths of China Eco Fiber.   Linen fabric is recyclable and biodegradable. And it is luxuriously drapey, breathable and soft. This linen jacket is enduring appeal - and sustainable credentials too.

We use garment dye for this jacket.

Garment dye is a dyeing method performed on finished garments.  It requests fewer amounts of dyestuff, chemical and less time than fabric dyeing. Thanks to our advanced garment dyeing techniques, this linen jacket has a vibrant navy color, beautiful three-dimensional seams and a super soft feel.

We adhere to a rigorous work process for this jacket.

In order to make this stylish jacket, our in house designer, technicians work closely to make sure the pattern of the jacket is perfect. The professional QC and QA team strictly control product quality in every step of production.

Specification of Casual Women's Linen Jacket 

  • 100% Linen

  • Relaxed fit

  • Hip length

  • Bracelet length sleeves with small splits

  • Two patch pockets

  • Garment-dyed

What Our Customers Say about CEF Natural Linen Jacket Ladies

  • We use the fabrics recommended by CEF, the styles designed by CEF’s designer, as a supplier, they can do anything.

  • The production process was a little tortuous this time, so we adjusted the order quantity temporarily. Thanks to CEF's active cooperation, the final result was satisfactory.

  • As a fledgling clothing brand, we are lucky to have a professional team like CEF.

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