Organic Cotton Denim Skirts

Organic Cotton Denim Skirts

Cool and understated, this straight-cut skirt has plenty of practical touches. It's crafted from super soft but sturdy fabric, which makes it comfortable enough for full-on days. It has a sweet built-in waist tie for serious vintage vibes. Handy slash pockets at the front keep the finish smooth.

Organic Cotton Denim Skirts
Organic Cotton Denim Skirts
Organic Cotton Denim Skirts
Organic Cotton Denim Skirts

How We Made Organic Cotton Denim Skirts

We use sustainable fabric for this skirt

Organic cotton is a smart and sustainable option for denim skirt. It is soft, breathable durable and ECO friendly. Sustainable and ethical fashion starts with fabric; organic cotton is always our first choice.  The organic cotton we use for this dress is GOTS certified, and can be traced through the transaction certificate.

We use indigo dye for this skirt

The yarn-dyed indigo fabric can not only obtain the special expressive color full of charm, but also have the effect of whiteness, blooming and strong stereoscopic effect by washing, and the color of the whole fabric can be more colorful due to the addition of yarn-dyed dyeing process.

The Modern improved dyeing of indigo is more sustainable than traditional natural dyeing of indigo.

We adhere to a rigorous work process for this skirt

The more simple the design, the more in the details can’t be relaxed. Correct line spacing, uniform wash color, clean back finish, our QC pays attention to all details in the production process, to ensure that our skirts meet the customer's quality requirements.

Specification of Organic Cotton Denim Skirts

  • 100% Organic Cotton

  • Machine washable

  • Semi-fitted shape

  • Length finishes above knee

  • Two front pockets

  • Unlined

  • Button fastening at front

What Our Customers Say

  • This style was added at the last moment when we placed the order. We thought the operation time was very tight. Thanks to the professional team of CEF, we managed this seemingly tight plan in an orderly way.

  • We have received a complete set of test reports, and the results are satisfactory.

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