Ramie Tunic

Ramie Tunic

This is a classic top, with V shape collar. It’s crafted from ramie fabric in normal and classic navy color in garment dye. Front closure matching color plastic button to fasten. Chest pocket and two patch pockets at front, waistband adjustable elastic inside, in order to give a good shape and fitting. Long sleeve can be easy turn up for casual look. Pair this piece with our white jeans or hemp trousers for holiday walk!

Ramie Tunic
Ramie Tunic
Ramie Tunic
Ramie Tunic
Ramie Tunic
Ramie Tunic

How We Made Ramie Tunic

We use quality fabric for this tunic.

Ramie is a natural fabric that is widely used. The natural fiber has lower environmental impact than other fibers. And it is recyclable and biodegradable. The fabric made with ramie is breathable and highly absorbent, and also have great strength and durability.

We use garment dye for this tunic.

Garment dye is a dyeing method performed on finished garments.  It requests fewer amounts of dyestuff, chemical and less time than fabric dyeing. Thanks to our advanced garment dyeing techniques, this ramie tunic has a vibrant navy color, beautiful three-dimensional seams and a super soft feel.

We adhere to a rigorous work process for this tunic.

Controlling the shrinkage rate of ramie clothing is the key point to control the stability of garment size. Experienced QC team and professional factory can always achieve the desired results through repeated sample test and washing test.

Specification of Ramie Tunic

  • 100% Ramie

  • Relaxed fit

  • Natural, breathable fabric

  • Front closure with 1 matching color button

  • Long sleeves can be turn up

  • Two patch pockets

  • One chest pocketGarment-dyed

  • Machine wash at 30 degrees

What Our Customers Say

  • Ramie is natural and breathable. However, we were a little worried about the unstable size from other suppliers. We are relieved that CEF's products do not have this problem.

  • As a trial order, we only ordered a few hundred pieces. Unexpectedly, our online store has sold out, and we are preparing for another order to replenish our stock.

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